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Downloading Your Images

For those of you who are filled with dread at the thought of figuring out how to download something onto your computer, don't fear! It's quick and easy, and I've outlined the steps in detail below with you in mind!


  • Once you've received your link, click on it! A new window on your Internet browser will open.
  • On the top left, you'll see a box with some category names, two of them being "For Web" (with smaller web sized versions of your photos for emailing and posting online) and "For Printing" (with full sized files for printing your photos). You can preview all of your photos when you click on these category names! (Please note: weddings may have different or more categories than this)
  • You will download all your images from these two categories as well. On the bottom right, there is a "Download" icon. When you click this, there will be a number of options for downloading (download all photos, download category, etc). Choose the one that you'd like, and it will ask you to create a login account. This is really quick and easy to do (you'll need to put in your name, email address and a password - that's it!), and your email address only goes to me! (Please note: you can look at your photos on your smart phone, but can only download them to your computer)
  • Take note of where your computer is downloading your photos to (or to make things simpler, tell it to download them to your Desktop)! Downloading time varies depending on your Internet connection. If you're one of the lucky neighbourhoods with crazy fast connections available to you, it can take only a couple minutes for a portrait session, or 15 minutes for a wedding! But for the rest of us, unfortunately it will take longer. So hold in all that excitement to post your photos for just a little bit longer… and let technology take it's course. If there's a lot of photos, beginning the download just before bed works great!
  • Make sure to change your computer settings so that it doesn't go to sleep while downloading!
  • Once the download is complete, open the folder where it was downloaded, and you should be able to see all your photos there!
  • The last step... enjoy your photos! Hang them up all over your walls, send them to your friends and family, post them on your blogs and social media sites, and take a moment to stop and appreciate the richness the people you love bring to your life!


Want to know some other great things about your gallery?

  • Once you've created your login account, you can pick your favourite photos, and download only them. You can also choose to only download a single photo, or single category, at a time.
  • You can share your photos right to facebook, twitter, google, pinterest, and email by clicking the "Share" icon on the bottom right. Others can download the images from there!
  • All of my contact information is in the "Contact" link at the top left. If you need to get in touch with me for any reason, you'll have all the info you need!
  • There is a "Help" icon on the bottom right as well, just in case you need it!
  • Your gallery will stay active for one year, and you (and your friends and family) can download images as many times as you'd like in that time! This also means your photos will be backed up online for the year!


Now make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, sit down and take a look through your photos!

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