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Wedding & Engagement FAQ

Your Engagement Session

Most engagement session questions are answered here! Below are a few more you may be wondering about...

Will we get a chance to change locations and clothing for more variety to our photos?

Regular engagement sessions last approximately 1 hour and are generally at one location. If you'd like to do a clothing or location change during this time, you're more than welcome! If you're thinking you'd like more photography time to take advantage of various locations and clothing, I offer a "First Class Engagement Session" upgrade. This session lasts approximately 2 hours, which gives a lot of breathing room. It also gives more flexibility to take advantage of the "golden hour" (the hour just before the sun sets on a sunny day) which, again, increases the variety of photos through different lighting!

Can we use our engagement photos to create a photo guest book for guests to sign at our reception?

Absolutely! You will have full printing and online sharing rights to all your photos. This means if you'd like to create your own photo guest book, that's absolutely fine! If you'd like a high quality book that will last a lifetime (and looks stunning!), I offer a variety of options for these as well. If this interests you, ask to see my sample copies!

Can we use our engagement photos on our "Save the Date" cards?

You bet! Again, you will have full printing and online sharing rights to all your photos. Feel free to make your own cards, or if you'd like, I have some great quality options as well.


Your Wedding Day

Do you pose us, or help us look comfortable in the photos?

This is where the engagement session is really helpful. During this session you'll get a sense of how I work, and I'll get a chance to figure out how I can help you best to be comfortable in front of the camera. I always aim to have an assortment of posed, not-so-posed, and completely candid shots. I also want to draw out your individual personality as much as possible. To do this, I'll give general directions ("head over to that shady spot and put your arms around each other"), and if needed, more specific ones ("look into each other's eyes", "give her a kiss on her cheek", or "hold hands while you're walking back to me"). I want you to be as comfortable as possible, so sometimes that means giving lots of direction, and other times just letting you do what you do. Most of the candid shots happen between poses, moving to different locations, or in moments when I step back and just let you interact!


We would like you to photograph for more than 10 hours. Is this possible?

Definitely! Ask me for information on my "No Headache Wedding Day" package.


Do you offer the option of having a second photographer work along side you?

Absolutely! Let me know if you're interested in this, and I can give you more information. When I work with a second photographer, the photos from both photographers are combined, edited with a consistent style, and included in your gallery in the chronological order of the day! This saves you from having separate collections that you need to jump back and forth between, trying to remember who took which photos.


Is there an ideal time of day to have our formal photos happen at?

Yes! Noon is the least flattering time of day. The closer to sunrise/sunset you can get, the more flattering the lighting will be. That's not to say we can't take photos at noon - we definitely can! But if you're the kind of person who puts a high priority on photography and you want to schedule the elements of your wedding day around what works best for photos, keep this in mind (and I can certainly help you walk through figuring this out if you'd like). But if other things are a higher priority for you - such as wanting your guests to have a very short break between your ceremony and reception, or the time limitations on that ceremony location you fell in love with - don't worry! You can still have fantastic photos of your wedding day!


What if it rains on our wedding day?

If rain is possibly in the forecast, I always have some sort of backup plan in mind (generally a heavily treed area, indoors, or a covered outdoor area). We can also take some great photos with umbrellas. A heavy downpour can decrease the amount of time we spend taking formal shots, but we'll just roll with it, and have fun regardless!


How long will it take for the photos to be ready after our wedding?

Generally, your photos will be ready for you within a month! Before then, you will find a teaser photo or two in your inbox so you can relive some of those moments of your wedding day, and post that beautiful shot of the new husband and wife for all your friends and family to see!


How many images will I receive?

I don't guarantee a specific number of images for wedding day photography as everyone's day plays out differently.  However, generally for a 10 hour wedding, you can expect at least 500 photos. I work hard to make every image you receive be one you'll love, and to document your day fully!


How will I receive my image files?

You will receive a link to an online gallery with your image files in both high resolution (for printing) and web sized (for easy sharing online) file sizes which can be downloaded directly onto your computer. You are more than welcome to pass on the link to as many people as you'd like (parents love this!), and print and post to your heart's content!


Are there any limitations to what I can do with my photos?

You will have full printing and online sharing rights to your photos! This means you can print them at any photo labs you wish (I recommend London Drugs), make your own photo books, post them on your blog or Facebook, and more! There are only two limitations: you may not edit the images in any way or make money off of them. If you'd like to enter a photo into a contest, I just ask that you contact me for permission first!


Do you offer "Thank You" cards?

Yes! And if we plan a little ahead of time, we can make sure you have the perfect photo(s) for them!


What other keepsakes do you offer?

I offer high quality professional lab prints, beautiful wrapped canvas prints, and stunning wedding photo books that will last a lifetime! There are an assortment of sizes and styles for these. Let me know if you'd like more information on any of these options.


How do I book with you and what is the payment schedule?

A signed wedding agreement and $1000 non-refundable deposit (or 50% of your total fee, whichever is less) is required to book your wedding date. The reminder of your fee is due a month prior to your wedding day.


What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash, Cheque (payable to Loni Searl) or Email Money Transfer - sorry, no credit cards or PayPal.

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